The sex desire of the feet is known as foot fetish. The majority of the time, it is for women. When they see the legs of girls walking by, some men become tremendously excited. This sex desire originated in China many millennia ago.

One of the most common forms of sexual fetishism is this. People’s interest in this sexual desire has not waned in recent years. Footjob is frequently seen in adult videos.

All men have various foot fetishes. Some people get a kick out of women’s shoes and stockings, while others get a kick out of the direct contact of the foot with their body. Furthermore, majority of these men fantasise about kissing women’s feet and sucking their toes.

Sexual Attraction Types

There are various sorts of sex drives:


Foot trampling is a term used to describe the act of stomping. The fact that the female walks on his body with her lovely legs arouses certain males. The girl in this situation does not necessarily trample the male with her feet. She can use her feet to softly stroke parts of his body, such as his stomach, face, or genitals.

Licking Feet

licking one’s feet This procedure is utilised as a precursor to oral intercourse among couples that accept footjob. Some woman can be turned on by licking their feet, and the guy can also be turned on by licking his own feet.

Sniffing Feet

sniffing of the feet The fragrance of the feet, rather than the feet themselves, arouses some male foot fetishists. Some guys enjoy smelling female legs that aren’t completely clean, in addition to clean female legs with a lovely pedicure.

Job on the Feet

Female feet are used to stimulate the male genitals. Foot fetish is one of the most popular types of fetish. There are some men who dislike touching women’s legs, but none of them will mind if a lady plays with her gorgeous feet with his penis. Foot Job information can be available on a number of different websites. For instance, have a look at Wikipedia.

Licking Your Toes

For girls, licking and sucking toes is a popular pastime. It is something that many young people secretly fantasise of. To be honest, the majority of foot fetishists are hesitant to confess it. They fear it will be frowned upon by society.

The most mild expression of this desire is foot massage. Because girls appreciate foot massage, many couples in love do it. In turn, young people do something nice for their loved ones.

Worship of the Feet

The feet of a woman are revered. That is, this type of fetish emphasises a woman’s power, followed by her feet’s effect. It might be a role-playing game in which a lady punishes a man for doing something wrong by making him kiss and lick his feet and adore them. Men with this fetish, on the whole, do not stop at one thing. In general, they favour numerous varieties of this obsession, as described above.

The Appearance Of This Sexual Attraction In Men Can Be Attributed To Only Two Factors:

Experiences involving the mother During early childhood, several guys frequently caressed their moms’ bare feet. This can establish a sexual desire in a boy as early as childhood. This, however, has no bearing on the foot massage the youngster may have given his mother as a child.

Anxiety about women’s inaccessibility. The most exposed portion of a woman’s body is her feet. Boys are rife with hormones during adolescence, and one of them may be fixated on women’s feet. This could be the catalyst for a young man’s development of a foot fetish.

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